We’re glad you’re here and invite you to follow along as we share our reflections, lessons and adventures.

What’s happening here this week?

Basketball in the cattle barn with the neighborhood kids

We’re tracking down a trailer and some hay so we can move our sweet calf, Oliver, home. He’s currently living on a nearby farm. Adopting him gives us the opportunity to learn about raising cattle. We’re looking forward to loving him and then gratefully accepting a freezer filled with meat come fall. (To be honest, I think one of my biggest challenges this coming year will be learning to let go. If I’m going to choose to eat meat, I’m going to learn to raise it myself.)

We’re continuing plans for renovations on the feed store and grain garage, continuing our business planning and finishing up current contracts to make room for Mainspring!

Savoring the bluebirds who have found our backyard feeders

Making a Southwestern frittata from the piles of eggs. Diva Hens are slowing down a bit, but we’re still getting a couple dozen eggs each week

Starting a blog, thinking about writing again!!

I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with us. Welcome.